Midnight Library: how this book changed my perspective

Annaya Putri
2 min readFeb 8, 2022


Midnight Library is one of the books that stuck with me because of how important the lessons are. This book carried out mental health topic that is wrapped in a form of magical-realism type of fiction. So engaging and hard to put down.

Brief Explanation

It’s a story about our heroine Nora, living life in her 30s and not satisfied with how her life turned out. Everything seems so dull cause she abandoned all of her dreams behind and never got a chance to pursue any of them. It is presumably due to mental health issue she’s been struggling with.

(Source: https://www.amazon.com/Midnight-Library-Novel-Matt-Haig-ebook/dp/B085BVSXS9)

Dreams she failed to accomplish are being a professional pianist, gold medal swimmer, a wife to her former boyfriend and chasing their dream life at the country pub, choosing a career path of being a singer, and publishing an album in the band which she and her brother formed since high school.

Instead of being in any of her career dreams, she ended up being a worker at a music store. Life falls apart, and for a reason, reality switched and she’s been taken to a realm of books and a layout of a library. In that library, she is given a chance to look at every alternate possibility of her dream life that she regret didn’t pursue. Turns out those dream life did not as incredible as they might seem.

I rather not go in-depth about what else happened until the end, I think you gotta read it by yourself to get the whole marvelous experience that Nora encountered. You’ll find yourself relating to her, or you can take several important values from her life.

Several takeaways I got from this book:

  1. It reminded me to always be grateful and be more accepting cause everything happened for a reason.
  2. The current life that we live in right now may not appear to be as appealing as our dream life would be, but this is the best life for us right now aside from every alternate story and infinite potential of how our life could be if we took a different path.
  3. Whatever happens in the present, no matter how ugly or how painful reality can be, just hold on a little longer, it is just temporary and eventually you’ll receive something great and be proud of yourself for holding up to this point.

and the most valuable sentence from this book is:

“The only way to learn is to live”



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